Writers Charlie Daniels, Kim Williams and Doug Johnson

Have Penned Anthem For Our Times

The controversial Country single, “God Save Us All From Religion,” penned by iconic entertainer Charlie Daniels, hit-maker Kim Williams and producer/songwriter Doug Johnson is opening a dialog for change. An anthem for our troubled times, the song gives one man’s view of the heartbreak we create when we indulge in religious bigotry.

He was building a beer can castle at the end of the bar

He said ‘Bud we better get wiser … ’cause we’ve gone too far

We’ve got the Jews and there’s Muslims, Isms and Wasums

and ten thousand flavors of Christians

God save us all from religion


Ain’t it a shame how the world’s gone insane

How we hurt and we hate and we kill in God’s name

But heaven above knows the answer is love

But it’s sure hard to find it down here

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The artist behind the compelling vocal is Jay Jolley, a singer/songwriter and musician who hails from the Detroit area. For Jolley, recording this song was a given. “It’s not the type of song I ever really envisioned myself recording,” Jay acknowledges. “But when I heard it I knew it was just a huge song with a timely and powerful message. I hope the writers feel I did it justice.” Jay’s full comments about the song can be heard HERE.

Produced by nationally recognized producer/songwriter Chuck Alkazian (Bobaflex, Pop Evil) at Pearl Sound studio for Double-J Records, the single was released June 24 on CDX Vol. 573 and Play MPE.




A pianist with a soulful touch and singer with incredible range and passion, Jay Jolley has risen from the endless ranks of the regionally-successful to an up-and-coming contender on the national Country scene. Jolley has opened shows (with his own band, as lead singer for The Notorious Johnnys or as frontman and keyboardist for the band 2XL) for top-tier acts like The Black Crowes, Sass Jordan, Rick Springfield, Burton Cummings, John Alec Entwistle and UFO. Currently based in Rochester, Michigan, this singer/songwriter enjoyed previous chart success with his last single, “It’s a Friday Thing (A Little More Country).” He finds joy in fishing, ‘fixing things,’ flip-flops, ice hockey, NASCAR and spending time around the fire pit with his family. A giving soul, Jay supports Grace Centers of Hope (Michigan) and Operation Injured Soldiers (Michigan) in honor of his late father who served in the Coast Guard. A “regular” guy, Jolley equally loves the taste of Southern Comfort and the comfort of his favorite jeans, but he is also a man who couldn’t live without hope or his faith.

Get social with Jay at www.jjolley.com, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Myspace.


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“If we could all put aside our anger and prejudices and just talk then the world would be a much better place.” – Jay Jolley