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TRACtion is a patent pending proprietary airplay software developed by CDX Nashville which monitors the URL streams of all country radio stations that broadcast their terrestrial signal via their website.


TRACtion gives you the ability to see where you are getting REAL airplay spins through its powerful radio monitoring application. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and TRACtion’s monitoring system is EMPOWERING. Because artists, labels, managers, booking agents, publicists, publishers – everyone who works in the music industry – deserve clear and accurate data on when and where their music is being played.


Knowledge is power…can’t say it enough. Knowing where you are truly getting airplay allows you to better plan your career and maximize your budget.

  • Increase attendance and merchandise sales at shows by being able to book a gig where your music is actually getting airplay
  • Geo-target your advertising dollars
  • Geo-target your social media marketing
  • Geo-target your street team efforts
  • Geo-target your public relation efforts


TRACtion gives CDX’s clients the ability to, in real time, monitor and detect radio airplay spins on terrestrial radio stations through their online stream. This is done through audio fingerprint-based matching and a crazy cutting-edge computer program.


During the Freemium trial program, the data is open to everyone. To sign up for your freemium access code, click HERE!


Through TRACtion’s unique, user-friendly interface that is sortable by stations or individual songs, customizable reports are exportable for your use in sharing them with business associates. Reports which can be run include:

  • Airplay by artist
  • Airplay by song
  • Airplay by station
  • Airplay within a specified date range
  • Airplay by day part
  • Airplay by city and state
  • Airplay by sales market

Simply put, TrAction is a tool that can help artists develop their career in a smart, focused manner. It will enable artists, labels, managers and agents to sustain their careers and make money.

TrAction is a game-changer. Knowledge is power. TrAction lights the pathway from creator to consumer.

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