It’s a busy time for a lot of folks these days. Some are wrapping up those family vacations before school starts back in just a few weeks. Others are counting down the weeks until football season, and in Nashville, a lot of your favorite artists have been hard at work recording some new material. Who scores the highest on CDX 575? Read on and find out…..

Frankie Ballard / “Helluva Life” – Warner Brothers has a lot of faith in Ballard, as well they should. He’s a very talented act, and this up-tempo song should get many a toe tapping!

Blake Shelton / “Mine Would Be You” – A heartfelt ballad from one of the format’s most dependable acts. Shelton knows how to mine gold with a ballad, and once again, he does so here.

Kelly Clarkson / “Tie It Up” – I don’t know if we’ve ever seen an artist who is as excited about getting married as the soon to be Mrs. Blackstock! Her enthusiasm about her nuptials is exciting to see, and she puts the sentiment in this lively rocker where she oozes with charisma and personality. And, you gotta love the guitars on this cut.

And….the CDX 575 “Jewel Of The Disc” belongs to “I Miss You” from Arista’s The Henningsens. I don’t know if there is a more talented new act in 2013 than this family trio. Clara Henningsen puts her all in this heartbreaking ballad, and it results in a song that should put them over the top! There are several contenders for the “Hidden Gem” of CDX 575. It’s great to have Ashton Shepherd back with “This Is America,” while traditionalist Zane Williams dazzles with his debut “Overnight Success.” Lisa Matassa, a favorite of many CDX stations, returns with “I Won’t Ask,” but at the end of the day, the nod goes to Due West and their latest “Slide On Over.” Since we first heard them back in 2009, we knew they were something special, and they prove it once again here. Their harmonies are on par with anyone else in the business, and their stage will leave you wondering why they are not household names – YET. Trust us, their time is coming!