Instructions for uploading single or album artwork:

The exact artwork needs for your CDX campaign will depend on the timing of your release and types of promotional emails and ads scheduled for the campaign. To cover all of the possibilities, we need the following artwork items.

  1. High-resolution (1500 x 1500 pixels preferred — 600 x 600 pixels minimum) artwork of your single release cover.
  2. A high-resolution publicity image (at least 600 pixels in width) without wording / logos. This image should be different than the image used on the single cover artwork and provide a different look for the artist.
  3. Any artist and label logos should be supplied as separate artwork elements, preferably as large, high-resolution black logos on a white background (EPS, PDF, AI, JPG formats are best).
  4. If no single artwork has been prepared for your release, please provide TWO (2) high-resolution publicity images (without wording / logos).
  5. High-resolution JPEGS are preferred. We can accept most other standard image file formats, but please avoid sending GIFs or other files that contain a limited palette of colors (often called “indexed color”).


Images on the internet and in emails are generally displayed at a very low resolution. As a result, fine details and text that look good in very large images are often lost when those images are reduced to the sizes required for email marketing and website ads.

CDX wants you and your release to be presented at its best and while we will do our best to maximize the impact of your single artwork and artist images, we are unable to correct artwork where the readability and impact of text and/or logos is lost when the artwork is reduced in size.

CDX utilizes 180 x 180 pixel single artwork on its download center and in promotional emails. This is a standard web/email ad size and it is the smallest possible size that your artwork will be reduced to during your CDX campaign.

If you are preparing single artwork, it is important that the logos, text fonts and colors you use on your artwork are readable at this 180 x 180 pixel size.

We highly recommend avoiding the use of script fonts, narrow fonts and heavily distressed fonts/logos on single artwork. We also suggest that you verify in advance that any font sizes that you use in your high resolution artwork maintain readability when you reduce the artwork a 180 x 180 pixel size. Many narrow and script fonts that are readable at a 600 x 600 pixel size become completely unreadable at smaller sizes.