Chuck Dauphin’s Single Reviews ~ CDX Vol. 576


Several of the brightest newcomers shine in the spotlight in this look at CDX 576. But, though some might accuse us of being a little sentimental…there’s no doubting what the best cut us – a tribute to one of Country Music’s all-time greatest voices from someone who also falls in that classification……

“Lord Help Me” / Rachel Holder – This East Tennessee native has a ton of charisma and spunk, and she just might have hit the mother lode with her newest single, co-written by Carrie Underwood.

“Swagger” / Angie Johnson – The “Voice” contestant and American veteran showcases her soulful delivery on her new uptempo song – that should be a favorite on the dance floor!

And…the Jewel of CDX 576 is…”Tonight I’m Playin’ Possum” by Randy Travis. Sure, with his ongoing health struggles, it would be easy to give the nod to Travis based on that fact alone. However, George Jones was one of – if not the biggest – influences of Randy’s career, and he pays a loving tribute to him here. And, Randy’s vocals have never sounded better….until his next one!

For the “Hidden Gem” this edition, I was torn between three songs – so I went with two in a rare tie. Let me say first that I believe “The Waitin’s Done” from Maiden Dixie is a cut well worth your time, but I went with Dalton Gray’s “Knockout Girl.” As a song itself, it’s not going to vie for any Song of the Year trophies, but I like his voice. I think the Texas native has the potential to be something special. And, the reason I went with two songs in this category because the Blue Sky Riders have a new single titled “Feelin’ Brave.” And, anytime Kenny Loggins, Gary Burr, and Georgia Middleman get together, you know you are in for something first rate!