This is the week that many of our friends at radio have been looking forward to – High School Football. If it hasn’t started yet, it will begin for many this week. You might notice, depending on where you are at, a little bit cooler of a temperature this week. Fall is seemingly around the corner. Of course, the music business always heats up each Autumn, with some heavy hitters releasing new projects. CDX 577 is no different. Let’s take a look inside…..

The ‘Jewel’ of CDX 577 belongs to Jennifer Nettles, who releases her debut single as a solo artist, titled “That Girl.” It has somewhat of a southern delta sound to it, one that Nettles (along with producer Rick Rubin) handles with ease. Call it a song from the perspective of “Jolene” that age-old vixen from the Dolly classic, but Nettles hammers this one out of the ballpark. And, trust me…there’s more where that came from!

Love Is War,” American Young – A winner of a debut single for Curb Records’ amazing duo. Featuring very strong lyrics and some sublime harmonies, this is a winner from start to finish,

The gang at MCA Nashville included a pair of cuts from the album that I consider to be the project of 2013 – Bakersfield from Vince Gill and Paul Franklin. On Vol. 577, they showcase two of the five Merle Haggard covers – “The Bottle Let Me Down,” and “Branded Man.” Each is a winner, but listen to Gill’s vocal on the latter. Folks, this is an education!

And, the “Hidden Gem” of Vol. 577 is….Ryan Broshear’s “Make Each Moment Last.” The newcomer releases a thought-provoking song that he wrote himself. The lyrics make you realize how quick life goes by, and how you need to latch on to every moment. He’s going to be one to watch.

Well, that will do it for August…..September is just around the corner….Really? September! I guess it’s true. Make each moment last, and enjoy the game Friday night. The season will be over before you know it!