CDX 574 is now on your desks, and judging from the sound of the music on it, needs to be in your computers or CD players. There’s a lot of great material from Music City to choose from. Let’s dive in and take a look!

“All Kind Of Kinds,” Miranda Lambert / Some of you might not get this comparison, but when I had a chance to interview Miranda when her current album came out, I compared this one to Merle Haggard’s “My Kind Of Hat.” Another strong record from one of the format’s finest.

“Radio,” Darius Rucker / Since he burst upon the Country charts a few years back, I don’t know if there has been anyone more consistent. He turns in great material time in and time out, and this nostalgic number is no different!

“When I See This Bar,” Kenny Chesney / Light and easy sounding, just like the summer. However, the song is a little bit more serious than some of his other “Beach” songs. A good choice.

“Kiss You There,” Ronnie Dunn / I wasn’t sure through the first verse whether Dunn was pulling this one off. Was he trying too hard to be cool? Then, you get to the chorus, and you remember why Dunn is one of the greatest singers of our generation.

And….the Jewel of the Disc belongs to…..

“Wake Up Loving You,” Craig Morgan – A few weeks ago, Craig told me that he thought this was going to be his biggest hit record yet. I had not heard the song at that point….then I did. Yep, he’s right. He does some amazing stuff vocally here. This record cooks!

There’s A lot of great independent action on CDX 574 to listen to, as well, but the “Hidden Gem” of CDX 574 belongs to the soulful Petrella, who takes the 1995 Jones / Wynette single “One,” and adds a lovely stamp on it. Her vocal is gripping and powerful, and deserves a listen!

Well, that’s all for CDX 574. I’ll talk to you in two weeks!